We believe that

good food Porzeczka

should not only be HEALTHY
and of high quality,
but also taste DELICIOUS.

ZDROWE i wysokiej jakości jedzenie

When you eat well...

You feel good

feel FIT products are rich in protein and wholesome ingredients,
so that they can give you GOOD ENERGY and indulgence.

feel FIT products

In our offer you will find snacks, sweets and small meals, which stand out from others with their healthy values, delicious taste and easy consumption. We focus on products that are rich in protein and fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. We eliminate “white sugar”, unhealthy fats, preservatives and artificial additives. We offer products that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, with no added sugar and 100% natural.

feel FIT products are definitely for you if:

you are looking for tasty and healthy snacks,

you are looking for tasty and healthy snacks,

you often crave for sweets,

you often crave for sweets,

you are active and value <br />
high-quality food,<br />

you are active and value
high-quality food,

your are always in a hurry and you are looking for products that you can eat anytime, anywhere. <br />

your are always in a hurry and you are looking for products that you can eat anytime, anywhere.

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1. Why feel FIT products are a healthy temptation?

feel FIT products are a HEALTHY TEMPTATION mainly because they are a healthy alternative for traditional sweets, snacks and bars. Each product is characterized by nutritional values and health benefits. Protein bars PROTEIN35% are a source of protein (up to 35% of protein per bar) and have no added sugar. RAW ENERGY bars with nuts, fruits and seeds are made of 100% natural and wholesome ingredients. Protein vegetable pastes are based on healthy vegetables and are rich in easily digested and non-allergenic protein. WAKE UP granola is an excellent source of protein and it provides our body with important minerals and vitamin B1. It is also rich in fibre, including beta-glucans, which regulate the cholesterol level. Our protein coconut balls are loaded with protein and fibre, have no added sugar and no trans fat.

2. What is the difference between feel FIT products and other healthy products?

All feel FIT products compared with other healthy products are distinguished by its combination of both taste and health benefits. We do our best to ensure that in our products good taste goes hand in hand with good health. Additionally, the whole offer of feel FIT brand consists of original, new products which perfectly fit the intense and hurry-up lifestyle that most of us lead nowadays. You can eat feel FIT products anytime, anywhere.


3. Where do you get ideas for new products from?

First of all, we observe trends regarding healthy eating in Europe and around the world. Moreover, we listen to what consumers like and monitor what they choose to eat. The most important for us is to create products that are both tasty and healthy and meet the requirements of a modern, active person who values taste and health benefits of their food.

4. Why protein is so important in your products?

Note that protein is not a component only for professional athletes. It should be the basic macronutrient in everyone’s diet. Knowing how much consumers all around the world love sweet and tasty products (e.g. Raffaello, granola, chocolate), we created products that have both those features and additionally are rich in nutritious ingredients. When you choose feel FIT products, you don’t have any regrets regarding the amount of sugar or calories you take. Adding protein to our products allowed us to reduce sugar and at the same time to increase level of healthy energy that keeps you feeling full for longer.

5. Does protein make you feel full and help control body weight?

Many studies confirm that a product rich in protein keeps you feeling full for longer than a low-protein one. It is proven in the research of the Team of Dr. Richarda Mattes from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind. The study shows that protein stimulates the production of hormones that are responsible for feeling full. This is why after eating a meal high in protein, we feel full for longer, don’t sneak in unhealthy snacks and, in result, are able to control body weight.


6. Where can I buy feel FIT products?

If you are interested in the exact availability of a particular feel FIT product, click HERE and select the product you want to check. You can find the whole list of all shops where you can buy our products HERE.

7. Do you have in your offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free products?

Of course. In feel FIT offer you can find vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free products. Vegan products: Vegetable Protein Pastes – Paste with smoked pepper and Hummus with nigella seeds, WAKE UP protein granola with cocoa and tahini. Vegetarian products: WAKE UP protein granola with Greek honey and oat flakes, RAW&SEEDS ENERGY.Gluten-free products: RAW&SEEDS ENERGY bars.

8. How can I become an ambassador of feel FIT brand?

You are only 2 steps away from becoming our ambassador. Write to us at kontakt@feel-fit.pl and tell us why YOU should become our ambassador. Include also some ideas, which you would like to realize as our ambassador. We are waiting for your applications!