For anytime of the day,
not only after the training!

Protein bars PROTEIN 35% are a perfect snack for any time of the day, not only after the training! They contain 35% of protein per bar and have no added sugar (the minimal amount of sugar comes from other ingredients) which makes them an ideal snack to give your body a healthy energy boost. When you feel that your energy level is decreasing, try our bar and feel the energy immediately coming back. The dietary fiber has beneficial effects on your metabolism. There are 3 flavours available – coconut, caramel and vanilla. PROTEIN 35% bars stand out with their crunchy consistency so that they can indulge your taste buds.

Our advice

As soon as you feel your energy level is low, grab our PROTEIN 35% bar and regain your strength!

35% of protein - ikona

35% of protein

no added sugar - ikona

no added sugar

high-fibre - ikona


0% trans fat<br />
 - ikona

0% trans fat

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